Everyone.org enables digitized personal access to the world’s most innovative medicine, bridging health systems and saving lives.  Everyone.org supports people with questions about newly approved medicine unlicensed or unavailable in the person’s country, as well as with purchasing those medicines (collectively: “our services”) through pharmacies. 

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to all services of Everyone.org, including use of the website. By using the services of Everyone.org, you automatically confirm and agree with these Terms.

NOTE: Throughout this document, “we”, “us”, “our” are used to refer to Everyone.org and its services. “You”, “your” are used to refer to the Customer and their use of our services, including our expert support service or the purchase of unlicensed medicines. 

Objective of Everyone.org’s Services

Everyone.org provides information and tools for patients, doctors, care providers, pharmacies, hospitals and all those involved with a patient’s treatment.

Our services are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional, and we do not provide medical advice.

The objective of our services is to share information and knowledge. We encourage patients to make well-informed healthcare decisions, guided by their own research and in partnership with qualified healthcare professionals. 

Using Our Services

Everyone.org expects that its Customers (“Customer”) act in accordance with the law and regulations when using our services.

Everyone.org’s website and our information support service are free. If a Customer purchases a medicine through Everyone.org, a handling fee (“Named Patient Access Fee”) applies, in addition to the medicine’s purchase price. 

As a Customer, you are not permitted to duplicate, or sell information obtained from Everyone.org, even after editing it. The information shared as part of our services can only be copied or shared for personal, non-commercial use. In doing so, you must retain all copyright or other proprietary notices. The names of our Access Support Experts may not be published.

As a Customer of Everyone.org, you should not:

  • use our services in a way that may harm Everyone.org, patients, doctors, other Customers, or third parties;
  • send unsolicited commercial emails (“spam”) to people whose information you received as part of our services;
  • threaten, insult, discriminate or hinder others;
  • spread computer viruses or documents that contain harmful components.

Data Processing

When using our services, your data is subject to Everyone.org’s Privacy Policy. We process data with the utmost care, and in compliance with the Data Protection Act and all applicable legislation. 

Since we process data provided by Customers and third parties, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data stored and processed through our services.

The Customer or any other person authorized by Everyone.org to add data to our website, is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of that data. 

Everyone.org is a tool and source of information for patients, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and others involved in patient care. To achieve our objective, we do not allow providing fictional or incorrect data through our services.


All data provided to Everyone.org by the Customer as part of a request for a medicine is treated as strictly confidential and only used to process their order.

Any data the Customer shares on the public parts of Everyone.org’s website or social media (e.g. blog, forum) is not considered confidential. By sharing this data, you allow Everyone.org to use, publish, change, translate, or delete it. Before sharing any data, you must ensure that you are authorized to share it, or get permission to share it. Everyone.org is not liable for any claims by third parties related to data shared by a Customer on the public parts of our website. 

Disclaimer Concerning Data

Neither Everyone.org, nor its partners, or anyone involved in creating, producing, or delivering our services, is liable for any loss, damage or cost that might result from relying on the information provided by our services. This includes problems with using, not being able to use our services, or any mistakes or omissions in the information provided. This limitation also applies to any loss, damage or cost caused by viruses that infect your computer equipment, software or data.

When you use our services and the user-generated data on our website, you are doing it at your own risk. Everyone.org can change or remove data at any time. 

We try our best to include correct and up-to-date information in our services. Customers should understand that Everyone.org also relies on the knowledge of others to provide accurate information. We do not guarantee that their information is correct, current, high-quality, complete, or fit for a specific use. Everyone.org disclaims any such warranties, express or implied, to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

Third-Party Websites and Links

Our services may contain links or references to other websites that Everyone.org does not maintain or control. These links are provided for our Customers’ convenience. 

You might also reach our services via third party links that we do not control. Everyone.org does not guarantee that the information on these third party websites is correct, current, high-quality, complete, or fit for a specific use.

Everyone.org has no liability for any loss, damage or cost of any kind that might result from the information on these third party websites. If we include a link to a third party on our website, this does not imply we endorse or recommend it.


Everyone.org and its partners own all rights, including intellectual property rights, to the content of our services, insofar as these rights are not held by third parties whose material has been made available through our services. Everyone.org reserves the copyright to the content of our internet services and our website.

The Customer acknowledges that Everyone.org and its suppliers own the rights to the content and data on our internet services and our website. This also applies in the event that this content or data has been changed by someone other than Everyone.org or its suppliers, including the Customer. 

Unless it is clearly allowed, you may not copy, display, download, distribute, change, reproduce, republish or retransmit any information, text or document contained on our website, either in digital or printed form. You are also not allowed to create any derivative work based on it, without Everyone.org’s written permission. 

Everyone.org’s name and logo are registered trademarks, and may not be used without Everyone.org’s written permission. 

Purchasing Products 

When purchasing products through Everyone.org, the following Terms apply. 

Licences and Registrations

Everyone.org holds a pharmaceutical wholesale distribution licence, registered with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, number 16258 G; as well as an independent intermediary licence, number: 6730 BEM. Everyone.org is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 62439715. Everyone.org is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Economics Affairs as a social enterprise.

Purchase Contract 

When purchasing a medicine through Everyone.org, the purchase contract is made between the Customer (“Buyer”) and the respective partner (“Seller”) who can best supply the product requested. 

The Seller is responsible and liable for the quality of products and their accurate delivery. Everyone.org represents the Seller and acts as the contact person for the Buyer.

Purchase Process

  1. When you as the Customer submit a request for a medicine to our Access Support Expert team, you will receive a specific, non-binding offer. All offers made by Everyone.org are without obligation and non-binding, unless they have been clearly described in writing as binding.
  2. If you accept this offer via email or phone, you are making a legally binding contract with Everyone.org.
  3. After accepting an offer, Everyone.org will confirm your purchase with an order confirmation. From this moment onwards, you can no longer withdraw from the contract. You are obliged to make a payment within 14 days of accepting the offer. You are also obliged to provide Everyone.org with all documents relevant to the purchase, such as a prescription and all necessary import documentation, if applicable.
  4. As soon as we have received your payment, our team will send you an invoice and start working on sourcing the product you want to access. 

Responsibilities of Everyone.org and the Customer

Everyone.org is responsible and liable for finding the genuine product in the right condition as required by law, and making it available for shipping, export and import. As a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler distributor, Everyone.org commits to the international standards of Good Distribution Practice.

Once the product has been shipped and has arrived at the destination country (but has not passed through customs yet), the risk in the product transfers to the Customer. Everyone.org does not accept any obligation or liability in respect of legal and regulatory compliance from that point onwards. 

Everyone.org will support the Customer with the right information and documentation to process a legal import. However, the Customer is responsible for handling the import of the product inside their country, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

If the Customer fails to perform their duties arising from this provision, Everyone.org will not reimburse any resulting injury, loss or damage, nor send another product. 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Customer, Everyone.org accepts no liability for the scrapping, loss, seizure, destruction or damage of the product as a result of import controls, lack of approvals, inspections, customs duties or other circumstances connected with the import of the product into a country.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the price of a product to be supplied by Everyone.org will be the latest price in Euros as listed by Everyone.org. 

The prices published on our website do not include:

  • the Access Support fee;
  • Value Added Tax, custom duties and fees or equivalent local and national taxes or any other public taxes, if applicable, unless otherwise stated in writing;
  • logistical costs such as shipping fees and fees for temperature controlled packaging. 

After accepting an offer, the Customer is obliged to make the payment for their product and the services within 14 days.

Non-refundable deposit

In some cases, the Customer might be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the order amount. This might be needed when Everyone.org has to take specific actions to ensure an order is processed and delivered on time. The deposit is used to cover Access Support and Sourcing costs necessary to source a medicine on time. 

If a deposit is needed in your case, the Customer Support Team will inform you. 

Please note that making a deposit does not guarantee that we will be able to get the product for you. If you have paid the 10% deposit and the purchase price, and Everyone.org has not been able to source the product for you, we will refund the purchase price to you, but not the 10% deposit. 

Delivery Times

Delivery times can vary based on the medicine you’ve ordered. 

Everyone.org will provide you with an estimate of delivery time when you accept our offer. However, this estimate is non-binding, since we have no control over the export, import and sourcing duration. 

Due to the specific nature of supply and delivery of unlicensed medicines under the Named Patient Import regulation, lead times for availability, supply, customs handling and/or delivery are unpredictable. This is a risk you as the Customer always need to be aware of. Delays within the process are never a reason to claim a refund.

Everyone.org will do everything possible and needed to support the import and ensure speedy sourcing and delivery. If the expected sourcing and delivery time extends our estimate, we will inform you accordingly. This is however not a reason for a claim or refund.

Repeat Orders

If the Customer wishes to place a repeat order for a medicine, they must inform Everyone.org in writing 6 weeks before their current supply of the medicine runs out. Within 2 weeks after receiving the repeat order, Everyone.org will ensure the supply of the medicine. 

If the Customer does not place a repeat order for the medicine or places one less than 6 weeks before their current supply runs out, Everyone.org cannot guarantee the availability of the medicine. 


If upon receipt of your order you discover an issue with a product, you need to immediately inform Everyone.org in writing. You can do so by sending an email within 24 hours to [email protected] or via our Customer Support email.

If you discover an issue or unexpected problem with a product at a later stage, you need to immediately, but latest within 24 hours, inform Everyone.org by email at [email protected] with subject Urgent Problem. 

Product Returns

Everyone.org cannot accept product returns, as every purchase is made on an individual Named Patient Import basis. That means, we source every medicine for a specific patient. It is not allowed to store or resell unapproved medicine to another patient. Because of this, Everyone.org is legally not allowed to take medicines back.  

Refund Policy

Customers come to Everyone.org to buy a medicine that is unapproved or unavailable in their country. To make this purchase and delivery possible in a legal way, Everyone.org uses the “Named Patient” import regulation. This is a highly specific supply and delivery process which differs from regular supply chains. 

Medicines sourced within the “Named Patient” import regulation are intended for an identified patient and their treating doctor. These medicines cannot be resold to another patient, or returned to the supplier. The unique nature of this process requires Everyone.org to have a very strict policy on refunds.  

Refunds due to delays

Due to the complex and specific nature of the “Named Patient” import process, lead times can be unpredictable. This is a risk the Customer needs to be aware of. Delays within the process are never a reason to claim a refund. 

Refunds due to a patient’s passing

Unfortunately, a Customer can also not claim a refund if the patient passes away before the medicine has been delivered. The special release and supply of an unlicensed medicine is always organized on behalf of an identified patient and their registered doctor. 

The medicine, once released, is legally not allowed to be delivered to another person than the identified patient. It can also not be returned to the supplier. 

In some very exceptional situations, it might be possible for the supplier to accept the return of the medicine (one of the most important requirements being that the medicine never left the controlled supply chain). However, these exceptional cases are decided upon by the supplier and are out of Everyone.org’s control. If the supplier accepts a return, they will always charge a return of goods penalty which is most often around 50% of the amount paid for the medicine. The amounts paid for the Named Patient Support Fee, paperwork, taxes and logistics can in such situations not be refunded. Additional expenses of paperwork and/or logistics to organize a return of goods will be deducted from the refund, if any.

Refunds due to price fluctuations

Prices for which unlicensed medicines can be sourced, can fluctuate in an unforeseen manner during the sourcing process. 

A price increase up to and including 10% of the medicine price is not a reason for a refund. In such a situation, the Customer needs to pay the additional amount within 5 working days to enable delivery. 

Price increases of over 10% can be a reason for order cancellation, to be decided upon by the Customer. If the Customer chooses to cancel, the full amount of the medicine price and the logistics costs will be refunded to the customer within 10 days after cancellation. Support fees will not be refunded.

If the Customer chooses to proceed with the order, the Customer will have to settle the additional amount within 5 working days, after which the supply process will proceed. Please be aware that sourcing can only proceed after the additional amount has been received. This might influence the expected delivery time.

Refunds due to sourcing issues

If Everyone.org is not able to source the medicine within 10 working days after receiving the amount of the order, Everyone.org will inform the Customer. It is up to the Customer to decide whether to proceed with the sourcing, or to cancel the order.

In case the Customer chooses to cancel the order, the invoice amount minus the Access Support Fee will be refunded to the Customer. In case the Customer chooses to proceed with the sourcing, Everyone.org will proceed and report once a week to the Customer on the sourcing status. Upon every report, the Customer is allowed to cancel the order and get the refund. If Everyone.org is of the opinion that a medicine is not source-able anymore, Everyone.org is allowed to cancel the order. In this case, the full invoice amount minus the Access Support Fee will be refunded.

Terms Towards the Supplier

After the Customer places an order for a product, Everyone.org sources the product from one of its partner suppliers. The supplier is responsible and liable for the authenticity and quality of the product. 

If the supplier is also in charge of shipping the product, then they are responsible and liable for making sure it is shipped in the right condition. 

The partner supplier will indemnify and hold Everyone.org harmless from any claims regarding (alleged) defect products or quality complaints.

Modification and Referral

Everyone.org reserves the right to change data on our internet services and website without notice. Reference to products, services, processes, other data, trade names, trademarks, manufacturers, suppliers, or other designation, does not imply Everyone.org’s approval, support or recommendation thereof.

Applicable Law

On these Terms as well as on any legal actions or matters relating to the use of Everyone.org’s  website or services, The Hague Dutch law is applicable. The Hague courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in connection with our services or website.

Termination of use

Everyone.org reserves the right to block or prevent, without notice and at its discretion, a user’s future access to and use of our website or services.

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