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The system isn’t perfect. It takes years for a medicine to become globally available. But what if you can’t wait?

Your doctor has the authority to prescribe a medicine before it’s available in your country. And we can help you get it fast. We do it every day for patients like you.

Just say when.


Your treatment shouldn’t depend on where you live and what’s available there.

If the medicine that will give you the best outcome is available somewhere in the world, we’ll help you and your doctor get it.


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what others are saying about us:

When my friend passed away because he couldn't access a medicine only approved in the US, I realized, we had to change the system.

Thanks to I was able to obtain prescription medicine for my 10 year-old son which is not otherwise available! The result of this organization's work has greatly improved the quality of life for my son.

Amazing support team! Thanks for your close follow up and patience , you did a great job and the medicine was delivered safely to Sudan .

The team of is wonderful with my patients. Their experts always respond very fast and are a valuable source of information and help for me and my patients. No one else in the US is capable of making unapproved medicines available to my patients. They do. and their mission are very special. I am really happy to have this additional option for my patients.

Patients can finally be treated with foreign drug innovations. Most of the time, even the Krankenkasse bears the cost. The team is highly professional, friendly, and takes care of everything. More options for doctor and patient. This service is transparent, unique, and necessary. Way to go!

When I moved to France, finding my CGRP migraine medication was challenging because it's not covered by social medicine here, like in the US. Pharmacies can't order it. After months of searching, I found I've received my second shipment and I'm extremely satisfied with the whole process. Your company has significantly reduced my stress. Thank you!

They guide you and follow up from the time you order until the meds are delivered. It’s stressful when you’re waiting for a package from another country which has to go through customs and FDA. The team at dealt with all the details. I plan to continue using their services and recommend them highly.

Thank you for your excellent cooperation. To say that we are satisfied is not enough because you have eased all our doubts. The meds have arrived now and hopefully they will help. I know it wasn't easy for you to be with us and that we stifled you with a million questions, but here you go... nowit's beyond us..
Highly recommended :))

I live in Bahrain ..I just got today a rare medicine for my brother which does not exist in my country .. highly appreciate the team’s cooperation, quick response and support.

Excellent service. Good communication and important meds 'currently unavailable' arrived with apparent ease.

an ally

Being diagnosed is tough enough. Trying to get a medicine that’s unavailable where you live, can make you feel alone. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

All you need is an ally. We’ve fought alongside our friends and families, and thousands of patients worldwide, to help them get the medicines they needed.

We’ll fight alongside you, too! 

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We help everyone access the best medicines without delay. But affordability remains a challenge for many.

This needs to change. Access to the right treatment at the right time should be a universal human reality. Not something reserved for the privileged. The foundation is our platform for raising awareness of the medicine affordability gap, and building partnerships that can help close it.

Support us: spread the word, partner with us, or donate. Every bit empowers underprivileged patients to get the medicine they need.

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team Everyone

We’re a dedicated team of medicine access experts, doctors and pharmacists. We come from all over the world. And we’ve lost family and friends who could not get the medicine they needed because they lived in the wrong country.

Our mission is to get everyone the right treatment at the right time. Wherever you live. Because you should not suffer or die if a treatment that could help you exists somewhere.  

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Some things you might want to know.

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Should I involve my doctor?

Yes, your doctor’s support is essential. We can only assist you in getting a medicine unavailable in your country if your treating doctor prescribes it to you.

How do I request a medicine?

  • Search for the medicine you need on our website.
  • On the medicine’s page, click on “Request medicine”.
  • Upload your prescription and answer a few short questions to help us understand your situation.
  • Our Access Support Team will get in touch within 24 hours to give you more information about import documents, delivery timelines, and a personalized price estimate.
  • Are you looking for a medicine that isn’t on our website? Contact us and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

Why do I need a prescription?

A prescription is evidence that your treating doctor is fully aware of and supports your treatment. After all, they bear the end responsibility for monitoring it.

From a legal perspective, a prescription is also required by customs for import, and by the pharmacy for medicine collection.

Depending on your country, additional paperwork from your doctor may be required. We’ll guide you and your doctor through the process.

Where can you ship the medicines to?

We can ship to most countries in the world. However, we are currently unable to ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Ukraine. Patients from these countries can pick up their medicine at a pharmacy outside their country.

For specific medicines, there may be additional shipping restrictions due to import regulations.

For the most accurate information in your case, please get in touch.

How long does it take to receive a medicine?

Delivery times vary based on your location, the medicines you order, as well as customs clearance. However, a rough guide would be 1-2 weeks.

Once the medicines have been shipped, we’ll send you a tracking number and keep you informed about your delivery.

For a more detailed estimate for a specific medicine, please get in touch with our Access Support Team.

The medicines are expensive. Who sets the price of these medicines?

The price is determined by the manufacturer and can vary from one market to another. Often, the first market where a novel medicine is approved is the USA. Unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive pharma market in the world. Until another regulator elsewhere approves the medicine, it’s only available at the US price.

Over time, as more regulators approve the medicine and the production levels go up, the price may change, but most of our patients don't have the time to wait.

Therefore we offer the medicines as soon as possible, from the supplier with the lowest price.

Contact your health insurer for potential reimbursement, which varies from country to country.

Is it legal to buy medicines not yet approved or available where I live?

Yes, it is legal. Most countries have a Named Patient or Personal Import law or regulation which enables patients to import medicines from abroad that have not yet been approved in the patient’s country. This can only be done with a doctor's prescription and, depending on the country, some additional requirements. For more information, read our blog post here.

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