An international Pharmacy

We help patients get access to medicines that have been approved, but have not (yet) been approved in their home country. On behalf of patients, we source and ship medicines with the support of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant partners. We operate worldwide within the Named Patient import basis and have a track record of 100% successful delivery to patients and their doctors or to pharmacies in over 88 countries.

Due to the lack of a globally harmonised approval system, it takes years before a medicine which has been approved in one country to become approved and available worldwide. For this reason patients suffer or die needlessly while waiting for the medicine to come to their country. This needs to change.

As soon as a medicine is approved by a reputable regulatory body like the FDA, EMA, TGA, etc., we ask our partners to source this medicine and have it available for patients in urgent need worldwide.

We do not ship medicines to countries where that medicine has already been approved for use and is available to patients. We constantly monitor the approval status of the medicines we make accessible to ensure a full compliance with the Named Patient import regulation. As soon as a medicine is approved and available to patients in their home country, there’s no need for our service anymore. So we immediately stop our supply to that country.

In most countries, any patient (the Named Patient) has the right to access, purchase, and import a life-saving medication as long as: it is approved in another country, it is not approved or available in their home country, and the patient has a prescription from their treating doctor in their home country. First, we assist patients and doctors in need to meet the necessary requirements. Then from that point on, our role is to manage and oversee the entire process of sourcing, shipping, handling at customs and delivery to the treating doctor or the local pharmacy.

Are you interested in giving patients safe and well-managed access to your recently approved medicine?

Did you develop a promising medicine that is approved by a recognised medical agency or submitted for approval? If you think your medicine might be beneficial to patients in urgent need, we would be happy to partner with you. Patients with pressing health situations deserve to have safe, legal and quick access to life-improving medicines, no matter what country they are in. We can help you make your medicines available to individual patients worldwide (through Named Patient Programmes) or to batches of patients in specific countries (through Early Access Programmes).

Be part of a trustworthy patient-centric global approach. We are pioneers in our field with a passionate and dedicated team of multinational experts. Our mission is to achieve global health access to everyone everywhere.

What you can expect:

  • Help more patients who previously had no chance in accessing a life-saving medicine
  • Connection with a large global market
  • Mitigated marketing and sales costs
  • Various layers of services, tracking and reporting integration
  • Access to an early revenue stream
  • Opportunity to list your product in a wide portfolio range of the most innovative products
  • Expert in-house knowledge of international regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Professional logistic solutions
  • Premium support team

How does it work?

Generally there are two options: we include your medicine in our portfolio to be accessed under the Named Patient regulation(for individual patients, worldwide) or we develop and manage an Early Access Programme for you (for batches of patients, country specific). You decide and remain in control. You determine the price of your medicine and may optionally make use of our extensive market access and pricing knowledge. We ensure that everything is compliant with international and local laws and regulations..

Contact us via email or phone and one of our directors will get back to you.

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