The Medicine Access Masterclass is coming soon

Last updated: 11 August 2022

The Medicine Access Masterclass is coming soon

You can legally access new medicines, even if they are not approved in your country.

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We at are happy to announce that we are soon launching the Medicine Access Masterclass - we're putting the finishing touches in and are bound to have it available on the 15th of July 2022.

There are multiple pathways to early accessing new and emerging medicines, but oftentimes, patients and physicians alike are unaware of these options and don’t know how to successfully navigate them. We’d like to change that.

Our legal and medical policy experts have developed the online Medicine Access Masterclass to share our expertise regarding the different pathways to accessing innovative medicines. This Masterclass empowers patients, as well as their loved ones and supporting medical professionals, to make their own well-informed decisions about their treatment.

The Medicine Access Masterclass is self-paced (learn at your leisure) and covers:

  • Chapter 1: Regulatory agencies and their responsibilities towards patients
  • Chapter 2: Availability is not access: Unequal medicine access after approval
  • Chapter 3: Exceptions to the regulatory process
  • Chapter 4: Accessing medicines still in development: Enrolling in clinical trials
  • Chapter 5: Accessing medicines still in development: Early Access Programs
  • Chapter 6: Accessing medicines that are approved somewhere in the world, but not locally: Personal import (Named Patient basis)
  • Chapter 7: Risk and liability for physicians
  • Chapter 8: Challenges patients face when trying to access unapproved medicines

The Medicine Access Masterclass will be launched on the 15th of July 2022. Enrollment costs 299 USD, but if you sign up now you will be enrolled for the discounted Early Bird price of only 147 USD, a 51% discount. The Masterclass content will then be available to you to complete at your own pace starting from the 15th of July 2022.

Use code EARLYBIRD51at checkout (under "Have a coupon?") to apply the 51% discount.

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Take the Masterclass and choose, with your doctor’s support, the pathway to medicine access that’s best for you.

— Team