Michel's story

Last updated: 13 October 2022

Michel's story

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France, 2018

I've lived with migraine for 30 years, and have used a wide range of treatments. However, recently my migraine progressed to the chronic form. For me the symptoms are a constant headache from morning till night, every day, and pressure on the side of my head. I don't let it impact my work, I'm a CEO, but it is tiring and affects my mood.  However, migraine does restrict the social life I want to have.

For treatments, I've used Triptans and they worked for a while. One preventive drug that I took for several years with some good results, but had to stop six months ago, was flumarizine (Sibelium). I stopped due to the increased risk of Parkinson's Disease with long-term use. I also used the Cefaly device for four months and it worked well for two months. The new preventive injection medication (Aimovig - erenumab) was interesting to me, but it was frustrating that I couldn't get hold of it. So, my neurologist put me in touch with an American colleague and I'm going over there in August. Meanwhile, a friend put me in touch with everyone.org and I have acquired it with a prescription from my current European neurologist.

I haven't tried surgical interventions, for me that is too aggressive. Also I am currently exploring muscle relaxation as I noticed there is a direct link between muscle tension and my migraine.

My advice for others is that you should try to fight it. Some people chose to lie down in a dark room, but I choose to ignore it. When you do force yourself to go out and don't let the pain dictate what you do, you can overcome it. Otherwise, it can easily involve depression and become full circle. Don't allow yourself to be restricted.

Date: July 2018
Medicine: erenumab (Aimovig)