Danny's story

Last updated: 14 October 2022

Danny's story

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In March 2014, Danny had just become a father for the second time when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his liver. A dedicated member of his local football club, Danny was asked if there was anything he'd still like to do with the time he still had. His reply? "To play a game of football with my friends. One more time." A charity match was arranged in his name. Danny played alongside his 3 year old son and their team won 4–1.

After an unsuccessful course of chemotherapy, Danny's physicians informed him that he had run out of medicines to try. They gave him few months left to live.

The thought of giving up never crossed Danny's mind. He and his wife Charlotte started searching for other options. Together they found a medicine in New York that might help, but it would cost € 300,000 and his insurance company would not pay for foreign medicines.

A skilled marketing manager, Charlotte set up a fundraising campaign to get her husband the medicine he so desperately needed. They made a list of all the people in their network who could help them, with everything from building a website and Facebook page to getting coverage in the media. Support grew, and enough money was raised for Danny to fly to New York and receive surgery and initial treatment.

everyone.org was able to import the medicine for Danny to his home country, the Netherlands. This meant that he didn't have to keep flying to New York every month. Danny passed away in 2017 after spending three more valuable years than he thought he would with his family.

Medicine: Lynparza (olaparib)