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Last updated: 01 November 2019

You can legally access new medicines, even if they are not approved in your country.

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A recent BBC Panorama investigation exposed an online pharmacy supplying medicines to patients from abroad — without proper consultation with their treating doctor. Following the documentary, UK health authorities have requested a change in the existing legal system to avoid such practices in the future.

UK residents can watch the episode of Panorama on BBC iPlayer here

This exposé highlights the need for a service that connects patients with the medicines they need, but does so in a way that protects the patient and works with their trusted healthcare providers. Rather than using loopholes to blindly provide medicines using rubber-stamped prescriptions.

everyone.org is built on a foundation of legal compliance and patient-centricity. This means we are committed to ensuring the very best for patients and their trusted healthcare providers. This includes a deep respect for the patient-doctor relationship.

Our team of qualified pharmacists is mandated to ensure each and every patient follows the correct procedures set out in their local regulations. This includes remaining in constant contact with patients and/or their carers and receiving comprehensive documentation around existing treatments and health conditions before initiating any services.

Another vital part of the process is the requirement for a valid doctor’s prescription. Every prescription is audited by the team to ensure credibility. In fact, no order can be processed without validation of the prescription by one of our qualified pharmacists with M.Pharm degrees. This is how we ensure the medicines are being ordered as part of an ongoing treatment plan organised and overseen by a medical specialist. This is also how we respect and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. As a final check, all prescriptions are also checked by a designated pharmacy (either our partner pharmacy or the local pharmacy to which the medicine is being sent).

everyone.org does not provide medicines to patients if they are already available in their country, as our services are no longer needed in this scenario. We respect local regulations and rely on the expertise of specialists such as oncologists and neurologists to decide when to best prescribe newly approved medicines. Our service does not seek to make medical recommendations, nor work around existing medical and therapeutic practices. 

Katrin Schepp LL.M.
Chief Operations Officer and co-founder, everyone.org


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