Alexandra's story

Last updated: 13 October 2022

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Sweden, 2018

I have suffered from migraine for 30 years and unfortunately my headaches have become worse with time. In recent years, I have approximately 15 days with migraine per month. The migraine attacks are so extremely painful that the only word I can use to describe them is “inhumane”. The attacks come without warning, which causes me to avoid making plans to do things. Activities that I previously looked forward to doing have become a source of worry. I never know how bad my migraine attacks will be.

I have tried many treatment options, just to be able to cope with everyday life and I am constantly on guard when it comes to food, light, and sound. Even changes in weather or an increase in heart rate affect me, which of course limits my possibilities for physical activity. In terms of medicine, I have tried morphine and triptans, among other treatments, to deal with the worst symptoms of migraine attacks. These treatments have worked to some extent but triptans cause side-effects such as tightness of the chest, muscle pain, weakness, and nausea, although those are better than having a migraine.

In my battle against migraine headaches, I learned of a Swedish study at the Neurocenter in Stockholm where the effect and side-effects of Aimovig were investigated. I took part in the study and it didn’t take long before I experienced the relief of having found something that worked. Finally, I had found a medicine that helped me greatly, and furthermore, without side-effects. Since taking part in the study, I have waited for this medicine to be approved by the EMA, which happened at the end of July 2018.

The remaining obstacle was to get access to this medicine because it often takes many months before medicines approved by the EMA are available in Sweden. In that case, my partner was prepared to travel internationally to retrieve the medicine as soon as my doctor wrote my prescription. My migraine headaches have affected my entire family so it is no surprise that my partner was very happy and motivated to do anything possible to help me find relief. It was at that point that I was recommended via a Facebook group, and that it was possible to get access to Aimovig via their internet service. And that is how we now have access to the medicine.

The future now seems brighter than it has in a long time, and I encourage other migraine sufferers to never give up. I have tested many medicines and treatments myself without successfully reducing the suffering. Over the years, people  are overwhelmed not only by the pain of headaches, but also by the entire situation. At last, I have found something that works even for me. I wish all who suffer from migraine headaches will do the same. 

Date: August 2018
Medicine: erenumab (Aimovig)