The prescription

Learn why a prescription is required to access unapproved medicines. provides access to medicines specifically on the Named Patient Import basis (read more about it here - EMA website), which means that we work for the patient in cooperation with their treating doctor. In order to successfully support you with access to an elsewhere approved medicine, we need a prescription from your treating doctor in your home country.

Please note that as part of our protocols we might reach out to your treating doctor for verification. By sending us your prescription you allow us to do so.

Prescription guide

Here is a prescription example that you can share with your treating doctor to ensure that your prescription includes the right and complete information.

The prescription should include:

  • The treating doctor’s details and official letterhead;
  • The date on which the prescription was written;
  • The patient’s name and date of birth;
  • The name of medicine, its strength and quantity;
  • The doctor’s signature and official stamp.

Your treating doctor needs to use their own prescriptions slips for the purpose.

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Visit our pages on how our process works, transparency, import documents and more.

How it works

The process, from when you make an enquiry to receiving your medicine.

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Legal framework

Learn what legal framework enables us to deliver unapproved medicines.

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We strive to be transparent about our operations and our goals.

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